I am forever being asked about where I got certain things in the salon, or where I got the idea for the theme of the salon so I decided I may as well do a blog on it!

Anyone who knows me knows I love timeless, classic styles from my teacups to my light fixtures and everything in between.  When it came to redesigning the Castlegregory salon in 2013 and also with the launch of our Tralee branch, I spent a lot of time researching a classic, vintage boutique style which I thought would be perfect for the salon.  I wanted a place that would have a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while still stylish and effortlessly chic.


The colour scheme I decided on was a mixture of warm and cool tones, which were ideal to create a perfect relaxing atmosphere in what can be a crazy and hectic place.  These colours against the dark wooden floorboards give a great effect on entering on the salon.  I softened the salon with a beautiful teal wallpaper with a classic design that worked well beside the grand ornate off white mirrors I had on each station.


Aside from the obvious main features of the salon like the chairs, the sinks, etc which were all from Salon Services, the little details around the salon is what really brings everything together.  On top of all the off white side tables dotted around each station, sits beautiful glass base lamps, generously sized jars filled with everything from candles to flowers to coloured sand, intricate lanterns, and vintage candle holders.  


And for the last eye catching detail, the exquisite chandeliers that hang from the ceiling really set off every detail of the salon and adds an air of glamour without a pretentious feel.  I adore every part of my salon, I put so much work into it, and am so delighted to be able to share all these details with all my followers. 


List of where everything came from

Mirrors – Shaws

Wallpaper – B&Q Liffey Valley

Chairs – Salon Services

Sinks – Salon Services

Cushions – TK Maxx

Couch – Ikea

Reception Desk – Bought from an Antique shop and painted by Carrie O’Connor

Side Tables – Shaws

Lamps – TK Maxx

Glass Jars – TK Maxx

Footstools – Fitzgibbons

Shelving Units – Ikea

Flooring – Fitzgibbons

Chandeliers – Shaws

Make Up Station – White Room, Kenmare (that burned down while my station was still inside and its perfect!)

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