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Wash cut and blowdry €55.00

Wash restyle and blowdry from €60.00

Dry cut from €30.00


Colour short €85.00

Colour long €90.00

Roots & Blowdry €65.00

Toner from €65.00

Masking (on top of service) €18.00

½ head cut and blowdry from €115.00

Scalp bleach from €130.00

New Balayage from €130.00

Tbar from €90.00

Full head from €135.00

Balayage freshen from €105.00

Colour highlights from €115.00

Add toner to service €15.00

Add Olaplex €30.00


Short blowdry €25.00

Medium blowdry €28.00

Long blowdry straight from €30.00

Curly blowdry from €30.00

Wash and GHD curls €35.00

Take away curls from €28.00

Upstyle from €40.00

Wash and blowdry and upstyle from €50.00

Bridal Trials €90

Our Bridal Trials take 1 hr 15mins and we aim to do as many hairstyles as we can within that time so that you are 100% happy with the style you choose for your big day.


12 week blowdry from €150.00

4 step treatment on top of service €30.00

Olaplex step 1 and 2 on top of service €30.00

Olaplex step 2 only on top of service €15.00

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment €30.00

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment €30.00

On Top of Service

Scalp Exfoliating Treatment €20.00

On Top of Service


Great Length’s Extensions are 100% Virgin Remy Hair

They only source ethical traceable human hair from India and make it become 100% Remy and Double Drawn, which means that all of the natural hair qualities are persevered by undergoing a specific and unique production process in their factory in Rome.

Before the hair bundles enter the production cycle, they need to become Double Drawn, ensuring the same thickness from root to tip, and therefore divided and matched according to the different lengths. Then, the hair undergoes a special procedure to become Remy, aligning the natural direction of the cuticles and safeguarding the hair from damage.

This is key to preserve the hair extensions health and color vibrancy. Hair strands of different shades are expertly blended by hand to add depth to the color and mimic the natural appearance of our clients’ hair.

Gold Certified Salon

We are a gold certified Great Lengths Salon that specialise in bonds and tape applications. Book in for your consultation and let us show you what we can do for you.


Up to 12 years

Dry cuts from €12.00

Wash cut and blowdry from €25.00

Upstyle from €25.00


13-17 years

Dry Cuts from €20.00

Wash Cut and Blowdry from €40.00


Dry Cut €15.00

Gents Colour From €70.00

Wash, Cut & Dry €20.00

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