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Welcome to my first blog post I’m so excited I hope you like it!

Everyday Haircare
Girls every day I encounter the same hair problems and I offer the same advice to my clients.  So for my first blog I’m going to share some of these “pearls of wisdom” with you.   Some of these tips you may know already, but there may be some new little tricks you pick up on the way.

Some basic things you need to begin:

Before you start

Firstly brush your hair to eliminate any knots or tangles.

For every time you wash your hair you need to do two gentle shampoos, massaging the scalp around the hair line to remove make up, and moisturiser, at the nape of the neck where we would sweat the most.
The first shampoo removes build up and oils from scalp, where as the second shampoo removes the build up and oils from your hair.

During shampooing massage the scalp to cleanse the hair, as well as stimulate hair growth.  Then work down the hair gently avoiding any harsh friction.  Repeat this step for the second shampoo also . When rinsing the second shampoo you should feel your hair literally squeak; this is a sure sign its squeaky clean.

Apply conditioner if needed , if your hair is fine and and gets greasy easily, only condition once or twice a week.  If your hair is dry apply conditioner every time you wash your hair; however, only apply roughly a 20cent size amount in your hands and rub through from mid-lengths to end .

Follow this by then combing the conditioner through mid lengths to ends using wide tooth comb, avoiding roots at all times.
The most important step of all is to rinse out your conditioner thoroughly.
Finish with a cold rinse as this closes the cuticles (the outer layer of hair) giving more shine.  Then simply squeeze excess water from the hair and pat dry the hair.


Part 2

After hair is towel dried, spray hair with leave in conditioner, especially for dry hair. Use a detangler if you have normal to fine hair and then comb through again starting from ends of hair to roots.  Be gentle combing your hair when wet as it is at its weakest

final 11

Apply product for styling, again 20 cent size amount into your palm.
Run through hair thoroughly, then comb through the hair to distribute evenly.
 You can either let dry naturally or blow dry at this point.
Next week I will share with you what shampoo and conditioner suits your hair type.

Product List

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  • Shampoo & Conditioner, Kevin Murphy range (available at Cathriona’s Hairsalon) €23.00
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