So ladies, here are some tips and tricks on how to tame

  • cow’s licks
  • widow’s peak
  • side fringe
  • full fringe

Cow’s Licks

Ladies, the minute you step out of the shower your styling begins.  To combat that horrible hair line follow steps below and have a look at the videos.

  • Step One

Use your wet brush with light detangling spray for unruly knots.  Comb in your parting and your fringe the way you want to style it.  **DO NOT BLAST DRY OFF YOUR FRINGE**  This is a big no no when it comes to styling.

If you were to blast dry off your hair, it will just fall into the parting it generally falls into out of habit, and it is impossible to style after.  So for cow’s licks comb your fringe straight down on your forehead holding your hairdryer over it pointing down onto the fringe constantly as it is drying.

  • Step Two

Once the fringe is dry, then it is okay to blast dry off the rest of the hair but avoid the fringe at all times.  I would never recommend putting product on your fringe if your hair is fine or tends to get oily fast as we constantly put our hands through our hair and we sweat so I always find this is the first place that goes.

So no product on the fringe unless you feel that it needs to be tamed, and if you feel it does need something especially if you have unruly hair, than only use less than 1/2 a pea size amount.

Widow’s Peak

So follow the same steps as above, but when it comes to drying your widows peak I would definitely recommend wrap drying.  This is done again holding your dryer facing down into the forehead.  Brush the hair from left to right.  Then go the opposite way right to left as shown below this will help.

Side Fringe

Again with this one, follow the steps above from wet comb in the fringe to where you want it styled.  Once its in place with a flat section grip, dry the root in a low heat pointing the hairdryer in the direction in which the hair is lying.

Remove the section grip and continue to dry as normal in the direction its lying.  I also find if you dry the hair straight down and then sweep it after its dried it also sits well as you are eliminating your bad hair.

If you follow each of these steps it will definitely combat any problems you have with unruly cow’s licks, widow’s peak or side fringes.

Products/Tools Used

  • The Dyson Hairdryer
  • Wide tooth comb, available at Boots
  • Joico Moisturising detangler, €13.99 available at Cathriona’s Hairsalon
  • Hair grip, available at Penneys
  • Comb, available at Boots
  • Kent Round Brush, retailing from €30.00
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