Well Ladies, what can I say, if it’s a shampoo you want there is so some choice out there. First of all, did you know that hair needs to be shampooed twice? The first shampoo removes dirt and oils from the scalp and the second removes it from the ends. Making sure to get well in under the hair. scrubbing for 2-3 minutes and rinsing thoroughly from the hair. You only need a small amount of conditioner, the size of a 20c coin, through the ends of your hair, again making sure its rinsed well.Some tips on choosing the right shampoo for your beautiful mane:

  •  Eye catching packaging and sweet smelling product isn’t always the right choice for you.
  • Make sure it isn’t too strong or over conditioning for your hair.
  • Silicone based shampoos give shine but dulls hair because of product residue left in the hair with prolonged use.
  • If you have colour free hair a daily shampoo will do.
  • With hair that is coloured or highlighted/Blonde, a colour preserve shampoo should be used. Blonde hair is toned in salon to cancel any brassy tones in the hair, and using this shampoo helps keep those brassy tones at bay.
  • Purple Shampoos shouldn’t be used until you see those brassy tones in your hair again, as it can strip your toner making it brassier quicker.
  • If dry scalp/dandruff is an issue a healthy scalp shampoo would be perfect.
  • A healthy scalp shampoo is also great for fine oily hair as it leaves no residue and the hair feeling light and refreshed.

If you feel like your hair is never clean after shampooing, no matter what you use, you more than likely have a product build up in your hair. This is from using something that is too strong on your hair. Have a chat with your hairdresser about your hair to see what would be better suited if you are unsure what to use, and to get your hair feeling clean and refreshed again, ask if they can use a clarifying shampoo, 3-4 times, which will strip the build up from your hair.


Some thing that might surprise you, Head & Shoulders fades and lightens your colour. If you feel like going lighter with your colour some salons may advise you to shampoo your hair with this for 2-3 weeks, starting off the process lightening your colour by 1-2 shades. 


Have you ever done a oil treatment on your hair and felt as if it still wasn’t clean? Well, here’s a tip. Apply the shampoo on to your dry hair and massage for 2-3 minutes then wet down and shampoo as normal another 2-3 times.SULPHATE AND PARABEN FREE SHAMPOOS.


There’s an endless amount of Sulphate and Paraben free shampoos on our selves. These shampoos are available to us because there’s a chance these chemicals are having a harmful effect on our bodies. The only reason they are added to shampoos is because Sulphate allows the shampoo to lather and Parabens prolong the shelf life of the shampoos.Dry Shampoo is that last minute rescue remedy. In that emergency, dry shampoo eliminates odours and refreshes that possible oily look of the hair. It’s also fantastic for creating texture and body, which is brilliant for making the hair more manageable for styling, like plaits and up styles. 


Try not to over wash your hair either as you will remove the natural oils, shorten the time you get from your colour, and possibly dry your hair out. If you feel like your hair is unruly the day after washing, try wetting it down and styling again.And for that panic moment of Chewing Gum getting caught in the hair!! Pure butter, not Low Low (your hair’s not on a diet) is your saviour, work into the hair and the gum should slide out. No need for any scissors!Product List

  • Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo, €23.00
  • Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash €26.00
  • Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash €23.00
  • Kevin Murphy Stimulate-Me Wash €23.00
  • Joico range, €13.99
  • Head and Shoulders Classic Shampoo, €7.89, available at all retail stores.
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