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The be all and end all of hair extensions (THIS IS MY OPINION)
When you sit in front of your mirror do you wish you had long shiny voluptuous hair? Have you spent your life savings on every product that promises the hair of your dreams, or that amazing styling equipment that’s going to work in seconds?
But none of it is what you expected.  Well its here, it works and it has no empty promises.
Five years ago, we became a Great Lengths Hair Extensions specialist salon, and then went on to receive a gold award in Great Lengths.
We fell in love straight away.
I can’t lie to save my life, if I don’t love a product or believe in it I wouldn’t recommend it to my clients; so to say I love Great Lengths Hair Extensions is an understatement.



Because they are like no other for shine, for their colour variety, and their promise to be kind to your hair.  Great lengths hair extensions have patented bonds, and also their colour process method means no extension company in the world can copy, use, or claim to have the same bond or colour formula that Great Lengths boast.

One of the top reasons other extensions damage the hair is because of either their bonds, bead, glue, that agonising tight plait, or the stitched in extension known as weaves don’t expand and revert back in the way Great Lengths do.  Other brands do not use remy hair and also the extensions are chemically coloured.

While our own hair is shampooed it absorbs all the water and expands and contracts when the hair dries.  With most brands the bonds don’t expand and this is why the hair snaps and gets damaged.  Great lengths do expand because of their synthetic keratin bond which expands with our own hair and retracts when it dries.  This is why it is very important to dry our hair thoroughly after washing as the expanded bond will slide down the hair shaft otherwise.

The shine, the smooth feel

Great lengths hair extensions are known as remy hair.  Put simply this means all the hair cuticles are going in the same direction so before the hair is cut, its tied, keeping the hair going in one direction all through the hair process.  This is what keeps the shine and smoothness of the hair.  This is so important as it eliminates the hair tangling and knotting.

Great Lengths hair is never bleached or chemically treated. Instead it is coloured over a period of months which is called omois.  This is why Great Lengths never loose their shine from the day your extensions are applied to the day they’re taken out.

Do you know that there are over 55 colour choices in Great Lengths, so there will be so many different options to suit your own hair colour.  There is also flow strands to suit your balayage /ombre hair colour which I would TOTALLY recommend if you have balayage.
They also have pastel shades, crazy colours, and crystal strands available.


What extensions would suit me?

Firstly decide what it is you want from your extensions:
length; volume; just to fill out your side.

With Great Lengths you don’t need to get a full head.  There are so many options: full head, 3/4 head, 1/2 head, 1/4 head, or just 2 packets to fill up your sides.
On average, depending on your thickness, 5 packets are your full head.  Then if you have the mother of all heads of hair I’d definitely recommend going for the 6 packets.

For fine hair 4 packets would be perfect.  When the hair is fine you’ll be using half bonds as the full bond will be too bulky and heavy for your hair.  But by using 1/2 bonds you won’t get the same longevity of the full bond, as there is less hair in a half bond compared to a full bond, therefore there is less hair holding in your bond and with natural shedding this is where you’ll notice a difference in the Great Lengths bonds.


Ladies there is a risk that Great Lengths hair extensions may not suit you or your hair type.  If your hair is fine and not strong enough to hold the extension there is a chance your bonds may need to come out.  This is why it is vital that you return for your complimentary visit 1 month after application.

In 5 years I have had only 2 cases of hair not being strong enough for extensions and there is no way of knowing before you apply so please follow the recommended aftercare guidelines and if there is anything that concerns you make sure you give your Great Lengths stylist a ring.

Your colour should be done freshly before you match for your Great Lengths to get the perfect colour match.  Your length, your hair thickness, and your hair care is discussed during this.  All will be explained but don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Your extension are then ordered.

the day your extensions are applied


Your hair is washed 3 times with a cleanse shampoo which removes all the build up on your hair, making sure that no residue is left in the hair.  This allows the bond to attach to the hair shaft and not slide.


The hair is then dried and straightened.  The application depends on what your doing whether 1/2, 1/4, etc so allow anything from 2 to 4 hours for application.  Your stylist will first determine where the extension will start.  This is decided by holding the hair up, placing the pintail behind and if you can see the tail you need to move in toward middle of the head.  The reason this is done is that when you tie up your hair you will not see your bonds around the perimeter of the hair line.  There will only be half bonds applied in this area, meaning the bond I’ll not be visible in the hair.


Obviously after a few hours of application your scalp will feel sensitive but this is perfectly normal.  I remember after my first set I felt my head was itchy, I was totally freaked out thinking I was allergic but it was only my head getting accustomed to my new foreign bodies so don’t worry this is also totally normal.

It is recommended not to wash your hair for 48 hours after extensions are applied
but when you do wash for first time you’ll find hair will feel heavy.  This is OK its just getting used to your new do and also in the first shampoo the hair will settle more into your natural hair.

One major piece of advice I would give would be to brush the bejesus out of your hair,
good strong strokes feeling the bristles running along your scalp all the way down to the back of your neck(nape) paying specific attention to your crown area and also the sides.  Very importantly pay attention to the side you sleep on, (try a satin pillow case it allows the hair to move freely avoiding friction) from experience a lot of the matting form from friction or lack of brushing so the stronger you brush from the roots the better it is for your extensions.  Start from the end brushing gently as you work towards roots be a bit firmer on the roots, gentle brushing on the scalp will not remove any knots or matting.

Like I was saying about the bonds expanding when wet, always dry your bonds.  You can leave ends dry naturally, apply some product and either dry naturally or blowdry.  Never tie wet hair in towel turban always pat dry gently.  I find my self when I dry off the extensions its easier to brush so try this it may help.

NEVER back comb where there are extensions.
Avoid putting both conditioner and excessive heat on bonds.
Tie up your hair up at night when you sleep in a low ponytail or plait.
Your hair can be coloured over the first few months but colour must be applied where there are no bonds around the hair line front and back on your parting and when you have 1-2 inches, apply colour above the extensions.

Do you know we loose between 100 -150 hairs a day so just remember this hair is attached to a bond.  Great Lengths’ recommended time frame for the life length of extensions is 4-6 months but 80-90 % of our extensions have lasted much longer but this is totally depending on your after care, how you mind your hair, your natural hair shedding etc. so it is perfectly normal to loose between 5 to 10 bonds a month.

On your 1st month visit everything will be assessed by your stylist.
Styling as I say this is exactly the same as your own hair so treat likewise so you can use all products but remember to avoid the bonds.  When heat styling make sure you use a heat protector.  If you feel a knot gently try to remove by brushing but if this isn’t working make an appointment with your stylist to have it removed.  This is all avoided by brushing 5-6 times a day if hair is left down.


Great lengths recommend to use the Great Lengths shampoo but you can use any shampoo that is paraben and sulphate free. You can use any conditioner just remember to avoid the bonds.


I personally recommend  the Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner as these have the most stunning scent and also lathers well.  Many sulphate and paraben free shampoos don’t lather so I never feel my hair is washed if my shampoo doesn’t lather up.   Also the Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner is  fantastic, whether for fine/course, is hair colour kind,  and cruelty kind.  These are available at Cathriona’s Hairsalon.


Also the great lengths brush is a fabulous brush but the one thing I find is the static it leaves in the hair is hard to over come . So my alternative which is a fabulous brush is the Mason Pearson Brush which is fantastic for brushing and styling, amazing for softening out your curls, and there is no static.


Also girls if you’re active and love swimming or using saunas, this is a must product – ANTI TAP.  It restores the ph value of the hair keeping it strong and protected from chlorine and sweat and where the salt could break down your bond.

Anti tap is also a perfect after treatment product as it closes in all the cuticles and thickens the hair.


At your local hardware store buy a spray bottle, add 1 part AntiTap to 8 parts water gently mix together and spritz the hair.  This is a live in product which is applied in the morning after you condition.


So enjoy your Great Lengths because once they’re in and you feel how amazing they are you’ll be back.


Just remember this is 100% real hair so treat it exactly how you’d treat your own
Would I honestly recommend Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

100000000% yes

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