I had to work on this for 6 months but I eventually got the only birthday gift I wanted!  I’m a gadget lover so you can imagine the excitement when I heard of the launch of the Dyson Hairdryer !

This isn’t just a piece of equipment for a hairdresser, this is something anyone who loves styling their hair on a day to day basis should think of investing in. Every day our hair goes through so much with the every day heat styling on our hair between straighteners, curlers, dryers etc. which is one of the top most damaging processes our beautiful locks go through.


However, this is why the Dyson is so amazing.  It has intelligence heat control which measures the heat 20 times every second enabling it to keep the heat under control and reduce excessive heat damage to the hair.  It has 4 heat settings and a cool blast button so you have plenty of options.  All this helps keep the shine in the hair, and believe me, the shine in the hair during blow drying with the Dyson is simply stunning.


Standing behind your customer talking about their busy week is a big part of life as a hairdresser.  It is definitely a downside in my day when I’m trying to speak to my customers and I end up having to pull away the hairdryer to hear my customers’s side of the conversation.  The every day constant buzzing of a hairdryer definitely plays a part in damaging our hearing.


The Dyson dryer is actually SO quiet!  I do my blow dry and speak to my customer at the same time which is fabulous.  It’s amazing, so quiet, and so much quieter than the average dryer.



Have you ever dried your hair or used any tool to style your hair and the lead is too short?  This absolutely drives me nuts, there is nothing more annoying.  Well not with the Dyson, it’s a fantastic length of 2.7m which means no stoppages or awkward handling of the dryer.


Another fantastic specification of the Dyson is its weight.  Its so much smaller and lighter than a normal dryer, yet does twice the work.  The motor is in the body of a regular dryer, however with this dryer its in the handle which gives it more balance and what makes it lighter to use.  I have a bob myself and drying my hair with a regular dryer means I am wrecked, I’m just fit for bed after drying my hair.  I couldn’t imagine having long thick hair, but with the Dyson, it would really help that arm ache that we are all too familiar with.


The Dyson has 3 speed settings, and this speed feature has to be the best part of it.  The airflow is so powerful that it dries the hair in half the time of a normal hairdryer.  It is just fantastic, I couldn’t believe how fast I had my customer’s hair blow dried the first time I tried it.

One of the things I heard when I asked about the dryer, was that the filter in the handle apparently sucks in the hair which was definitely a concern so when I first used it I was very nervous.  However, this could not be further from the truth.  It doesn’t suck up the hair, I even put my hair up against it to see and without a doubt the hair is safe.


The only issue I would have with the Dyson dryer is when I’m blow drying, and it’s time to bring down my next section, I put my hairdryer under my arm.  But because the Dyson is so small, if left for too long the hot nozzle burns.  This obviously isn’t an issue for everybody but it is something to be aware of.


What’s included in your Dyson package

  • the Dyson dryer
  • smoothing nozzle
  • styling conditioner
  • diffuser for wavy and curly hair (all connect magnetically)
  • a slip mat (which if you paid €399 for I would highly recommend always using this!)
  • a storage hanger.

Overall, I would 100% recommend a Dyson Dryer.  It’s not just for hairdressers, its great for everyday life, and definitely worth the price.

Seriously in love with my birthday present, thanks to my fabulous husband Mike  xxx  

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