The question everyone asks – what in god’s name will I get my best pal that has everything??  On every window in every salon and in every pharmacy, there are hundreds of gift sets that cover everything from face to nails, to everything in between.  They always seem like the best idea, but if you have no idea if the products are any good, you will end up wasting money for Christmas.  But for the best of hair gifts, guaranteed to give the best results in my opinion, I have a few recommendations.

*For the person who has always wanted long, luscious, full locks you can’t go wrong with a Great Lengths voucher.  It’s a present that will last them Christmas and up to 6 months after, really is the present that keeps giving!


*The ultimate hairdryer – the Dyson hair dryer.  I got mine for my birthday in August and I am still absolutely in love with it.  Normally like a child at Christmas I’d be fascinated with my new gadget for a few weeks and then I’d start to find faults, and just going back to whatever I would have used beforehand, but not this time.  It is 100% better than any other hairdryer out there.


* In January 2001 the iron was made redundant, and the launch of the GHD shone down from the heavens and by golly did it take off!  There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t pick up a GHD for waves, curls, to straighten, it’s crazy I love my GHD not only on the floor but on my dressing table at home.  No matter how bad my hair is it will be sorted with 10 mins of a GHD, so for any image conscious girl out there it really is a great present.


*Now for the ultimate big bouncy waves and curls, the Babybliss Pro is what you want.  It comes in 4 different sizes, which gives you 4 different looks so it all depends on what style of curl you’re looking for.  It really is amazing!


*Now no one can go wrong with a good brush, make up a brush hamper set yourself because from start to finish no one brush brand has the perfect set.  Ideally include a wide tooth shower comb, a wet brush, a paddle brush, a pin tail brush, and a back combing brush to begin with.


Brand wise I would really recommend Kent, GHD, and the Mason Pearson brushes.  I have every size in salon and without fail they are my favourite brands to work with.  Investing in brushes is so important because if you put a cheap one under a dryer, that brush will almost definitely melt as 90% of them do.

A few favourite Products

*The basis for every good hair style begins with your shampoo.  If you’re using the wrong one then all these gadgets and potions will never give you the hair you dream of.  So make sure you’re using the right one for your hair, have a look at my recent blog post about shampoos.


*For any at home treatment two of my favourites are Joico Hydrate Treatment and the Repair Me Kevin Murphy, amazing!

*For volume definitely go for the Kevin Murphy volume spray

*For curly blow dries, the Kevin Murphy Mousse is ideal as it doesn’t leave the hair sticky

*For backcombing, the powder puff

*Shimmer Shine is an unreal product for use on curls, just spray into hand and rub through your curls

*A great thickening lotion is the Show Volume Lotion, which is only available at Harvey Nichols, it is stunning


*For a strong hold gel/wax that isn’t greasy or hard on the hair, try Kevin Murphy Super Goo love it

*Last but not least the silk pillow case, this prevents frizz friction on the hair and helps keep your fab blow dry. 


All hair products mentioned above, unless otherwise stated, are available to buy at Cathriona’s Hairsalon

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