The Rose of Tralee Fashion Show is the largest fashion show in Ireland and it is the highlight of our year being involved in it.  All the way back in 2010 it was a great honour to be invited to be the main sponsor for hair at this prestigious event.  Time and time again we are invited back  and we are absolutely thrilled to be involved and to work with such an amazing team.

For us, the organising of the Rose of Tralee Fashion Show starts six months in advance each year.  I’m invited to a meeting with the main lady behind the show Celia Holman Lee, her daughter Cecile, and her daughter in law Asta of Holman Lee Agency, where we sit down and go through the brief for the upcoming show.  Everything has to be taken into account: the theme, the style, the running of the show, the number of models on the night, the team that I need, the timing, the fittings, the run through, and the press.

From here, we do our research on whats in the autumn/winter fashion weeks around the world from TV to magazines to designers, and then from this we choose three different styles.  The images of each style are discussed and decided on about one month before the show, then we go away and every week leading up to the show we go through the styles chosen to practice, tweak, and to prefect for the runway.


Every year our main priority is that the style is simple, wearable, whats on trend, will suit all face shapes, and most importantly is the style doable on the day.  Time is limited on the day of the fashion show, so we need a style that wont take too long to do, but is still on trend and durable to last the duration of hectic backstage life.  We also have to think what will work for clothes change and for the milliners on the night.  There could be up to 100 head pieces worn by the models, and each and every one of these have to be attached to the head and removed in seconds by us.  All this is the main worry, as the clothes have to be changed within seconds so you can imagine the pressure these girls are under to be back on the runway within seconds and to look perfect, poised, and ready.  Last thing we want is a model to take to the runway with her hair not to the standard that we expect, and that is expected of us.

On the morning my self and the girls from Cathriona’s Hair Group have a few minutes to go through everything and our day normally will commence at 11.30am where we set up to begin our work on each and every model.


Each year there are up to 35 hairs to be styles and between styling they are called away for fittings for run-throughs so our window is very limited.  The first year we started I had five hairstylists on my team where it took 5 to 6 hours from start to finish.  But through the 5 years we have grown to a staff of 12 so it now takes about 3 hours which is fantastic.

So now we have a break to catch our breath and then its back to work to make sure we have perfection. So I’m at the last location before the models hit that runway, making sure the hair is perfect and then I feel extremely proud to see our work under the lights of the International Rose of Tralee Dome.


This year we were also delighted to present a cheque and a stunning trophy to the young student designer award which was won by Sarah Murphy of Griffith College.


It is always a pleasure to work with the Holman Lee Agency and I’m already looking forward to next year!  Also so grateful to the girls at Cathriona’s Hair Group who were exceptional as always.

Testimonal from Celia Holman Lee 

“I met Cathriona almost six years ago, and I was so impressed with her creativity, attention to detail, and her level of perfectionism, that I invited her to join me on my fashion slot on TV3.

From there, we began to work together on the Rose of Tralee Fashion Show, where Cathriona and her team are now in their fifth year.  I could never find fault with Cathriona’s work, it is always to a consistently high standard and her team are always so professional and always so easy to work with.

Looking forward to many more years of working together.”

Celia xx


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