Wedding Season is well and truly in full swing and we have some advice on how to get your wedding hair in shape for the big day.  Like any other part of your planning, to have your dream wedding style, preparation needs to start long before your wedding day.

One Year Prior to Wedding

Meet with your hairdresser to discuss the style you have envisioned for your wedding day.  Your hair dresser will then advise you on the best course of treatment and care your hair will need to accomplish this style.  If its a colour change you’re going for this is the perfect time to begin your colour care as its kinder to do it gradually than in a short space of time.  I would highly recommend when doing colour change to have a couple of Olaplaex treatments, and even if you aren’t doing a radical change, the Olaplaex treatment can still be added to your current colour as it adds amazing shine and condition to your hair, exactly what you would hope for on your big day.  Also, if its not a colour you’re going for and you love your natural hair colour, I would recommend using a clear colour on your hair.  This is like floor varnish for your hair, it is ammonia free, no peroxide, but it closes in all the cuticles and adds an amazing shine to your hair.  It fades after six weeks and does not need to be redone as there will be no regrowth.  It is recommended that you grow your hair so on this  appointment have a really good cut where you take all the dead ends and broken hairs off to get your hair in the best condition, and also gives you more options for the big day with regards to what style we can create.  Get your hairdresser to trim all the broken hair around your hair line and the nape of your neck.  Get this done regularly, trimming every 6 weeks as this will help the broken hairs to grow.  


Six Months Prior to Wedding

At this stage, you and your hairdresser should have a conversation about whether you have enough hair growth, or should you look to other options.  For a natural supplement Hair Burst, available in Holland and Barrett, is a daily supplement which speeds up the growth of the hair aswell as thickening the hair.  Upping your intake of Vitamin B rich foods and supplements is also a great way to help the condition of your hair.  Of course there is always the option of going for hair extensions, whether it be clip-ins or Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Three Months Prior to Wedding

This the perfect time for your wedding hair trial. A hair trial saves you from time and stress and being indecisive on the wedding morning. Ideally tie this appointment in with your make-up trial so you can envisage the complete look, this of course may not be possible but having even minimal make-up will make a big difference. Make sure you bring a photograph of your wedding dress; any hair accessories you plan to wear, along with your veil, and any images of hair styles that you would love.  Some great sites for hair accessories are AzureGlitzy SecretsClaire’s Accessories to name a few.  ICON on Russell St Tralee is also a great store for hair accessories.  My tip would be to also bring someone to the appointment with you who you know would be completely honest and truthful in their opinions.  At this point it is important to realise that what you see on paper might not suit your face shape, hair texture, hair length or dress but this is where your opportunity to focus on what is realistic and what can be achieved and you would be surprised what can be achieved with the right planning. It is your priority at this meeting to  discuss and plan timings for the wedding morning.


Two Weeks Prior to Wedding

At this stage it is time to have colour, trim and conditioning treatment done. NEVER change your hair so close to your wedding date. Have one last trial if possible so you are comfortable and confident with your final look.


Night Before Wedding

All Bridesmaids must wash and dry their hair the night before but please do not straighten as it is difficult to curl once straightened.  Also make sure to be prepared with photos of the chosen style for the bridesmaids.  The bride may be required to shampoo her hair the night before, however this can be left till the morning of the wedding depending on your hairdressers preference.  If you have naturally curly hair, it is recommended to wash that morning and leave dry naturally if going for a style that requires the natural curl.  A curly blow dry would also be a good idea for anyone who has frizzy hair, this can be done on the eve prior to wedding or the morning of. 

Wedding Morning 

Sit back and relax and enjoy your Wedding Day.


Photos courtesy of Woodard Photography.

Make up on the day by Annette O Brien.

Big thanks to our featured bride Joanne O’Connor, who started our treatment with us a year before her big day.  Joanne was married in Kanturk to Eoin O’Carroll, with Cathriona styling on the day.  What an amazing bride!x

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